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Mirò – Programmable TFT digital nameplate

(v 1.1)

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Safety and usage cautions

Before installing our products, we recommend you to consult the section about safety and usage cautions at the link below

Layout & Dimensions

A) – Central axis of the pushbutton panel

MASTER board

A) – Pins M3x20

SLAVE board

A) – Pins M3x20
B) – The center of the button
C) – The center of the slave board
D) – button panel axis

Wiring Instructions

B) – 12/24V dc Power Supply.

C) – Programming via USB key and PC software “Mosaic”.

D) – Second additional row of nameplates.

Up to 8 MIRO’ nameplate per row can be connected (4 SLAVE boards).


1.1 (current version)Download PDF
Updated on 1 Febbraio 2023
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