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Sherman touchless V1

Safety and usage cautions

Before installing our products, we recommend you to consult the section about safety and usage cautions at the link below.


(*) Main floor

Cut-out / Distance between buttons 

Wiring Instructions

Attention: In the version without beep it is possible to independently connect both the mechanical contact (NO-M) and the touchless contact (NO-TL). The example below shows the connection of the touchess contact (NO-TL).

A) – Power supply: 24V dc / 15-50mA

B) – The common of the lighting (24V)

C) – The common of the calls (0V)

D) – Calls

E) – To avoid simultaneous activation of more than one call, each button is connected to the one below by an unipolar link from terminal EN.O to terminal EN.I (see below).


BodyAISI 303 turned stainless steel button
Contactsmechanical mode: 1 contact 30V, 60mA
touchless mode: opto relay 30V, 60mA
Power supply24V DC, stand-by 15mA, max 50mA
Illuminationwhite, LED 12V or 24V AC/DC,
no illumination when not activated
Wiring9 screw terminals
Avg. life1.500.000 mechanical activations (24V, 20mA)
Operating temperature-5 / +50 °C
ProtectionsIK07 / IP44
Lockable thickness1÷4 mm (1÷3 mm main floor version)


You can download the PDF of this page

Updated on 7 Giugno 2021
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