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Guidelines for downloading pages in pdf format

To download the pdf manuals of the different products in the desired language, follow the steps below:

  1. Load the page in the desired language;
  2. Scroll the page to the end and open the drop-down menus of interest. You can also open all the toogles to download the complete page with all informations;
  3. Return (by scrolling) to the beginning of the page (this step is really important to be able to upload all the images on the page;
  4. Open the browser options and click on “Print” (we recommend using Microsoft Edge for complete readability of the page);
  5. Choose the “Save as PDF” option;
  6. Open “Other Settings” and fill the following fields
    • Format => A4;
    • Scale => 75%;
    • Margins => Default;
    • Header and footer => No flag;
    • Background graphics => Yes flag;
  7. Click on “Save”.
Updated on 27 Settembre 2021
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