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Pitagora 4.0 – New Troubleshooting

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In this page, there is the list of faults with their description, cause and remedy.


The presence of errors on your system is shown by the “DEF” light on the PlayPad.

There are three possible cases:

  • DEF light off: there are no faults.
  • DEF fixed red light: there are faults stored in memory. Lift continues to operate.
  • DEF flashing red light: there are active faults. Lift is out of service.

App Fusion

You can see the errors in your controller in the dashboard Fusion App.

By clicking on the screen, you can look at the details of the error list.


Fault TypeDescription
InfoThis error returns an information. The system continues to operate
WarningThis error returns a warning. The system is not operational as long as the error is active
AlertThis error returns an alert. It is a blocking error.
Alert + ResetThis error returns an alert. It is a blocking error. The system remains non-operational until an error-specific reset is performed.

Italian Troubleshooting

Updated on 19 Gennaio 2024
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