Pitagora 4.0

(v 1.8)

Complete System for lifts


  • Motherboard: main functions, programming module, diagnostic Leds, connectors description.
  • Programming menu and Changing system parameters
  • VVVF Frenic Lift Setting
  • Instructions for Software update

Car / Top of car

  • Door command
  • Weight load control
  • Elevator car position / speed control with motor encoder
  • Rollback control and ride comfort
  • UCM Circuit


  • Learning Procedure of floors


  • EN81-20 configuration
  • EN81-21 installation with door’s…
  • Installation with door’s monostable contacts
  • Elevator car positioning system and stopping accuracy
  • Shaft Protection



Here you will find the list of fault with their description, cause and remedy.

Connectivity & Fusion app

Fusion is the new app developed by DMG to enable local and remote monitoring of the Pitagora 4.0 from smartphones or PC.

Fire service operation

Here you can set the parameters for firefighting operations according to 5 different cases.

Test and measurements

Procedures for system safety testings and for space-time measuring elevator car movement are described here.

Multiplex solutions

The Pitagora 4.0 control panel can manage multiplex systems up to 6 lifts.

Timing diagrams

Timing diagrams of the running commands according to the type of system.


You can download here the DIDO web pages of the Pitagora 4.0 system

You can download here the declarations of conformity

Updated on 5 Luglio 2024
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