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Connectivity & Fusion app

The Fusion APP was created for the management (both remotely and locally) of DMG devices that are based on Cloud such as Pitagora 4.0 and SmartKey PLUS. Installers and maintenance users can interact, via their smartphone, with the systems to which they are designated by their supervisors and, based on their access level, have the possibility or not to monitor the status of the system and possibly intervene.
The APP is completely based on “Fusion Dashboard” cloud software, which hosts the database of companies, plants and users. These personal data can be managed completely independently by specific operators of each individual organization, without the need to request the intervention of DMG.

Functionality and use

With the Pitagora 4.0 system
1) The main screen of the Playpad module provides an overview of the current situation of the system:
Plant data, status, number of strokes, last maintenance visit, number of errors, position of the lift car, status of the doors, status of the safeties, status of the main entrances, call buttons at the extreme floors, buttons to access the other screens of the application.

2) Viewing and management of the system error list: ticket-like functioning of the single error.

3) Error resolution guide and ability to insert and read shared comments.

4) Advanced diagnostics: screens dedicated to system inputs / outputs, VVVF inputs / outputs, BDU inputs / outputs, active calls, trends of significant analog quantities.

5) Installation assistance: wizard for motor tuning, direction control, shaft learning, floor assignment, stopping precision control, ride comfort tuning, final check.

6) Modification and reading of the controller and variator parameters with the possibility of backing up and restoring them.

7) Insertion of the last and next visit of the maintenance technician.

8) Shaft voltage display.

9) Serial number change wizard for physical replacement of the motherboard.

10) System reset function..

Registration on the Fusion Dashboard cloud software

Even before seeing how to connect and interact with the installed device, it is necessary to access the Fusion Dashboard cloud software to register the company, the buildings, the devices (Pitagora 4.0 / SmartKey plus) and the operating technicians.

Access the link https://fusiondashboard.azurewebsites.net/ and click the top left on “Register your company”.
Once the account has been created follow the tutorials below for the registrations just indicated.



Company registration

It is the registration of the company responsible for the maintenance of the system

Building registration

In this section, the plants to be managed must be identified.

Device registration

Each device compatible with the DMG Fusion system must be registered and associated with the building where it is installed.

Operator registration

The technical operators authorized by the company for maintenance / installation must be registered here.

Operator assignation

The last step is to assign the devices to be managed to each operator.

Connection Mode

Wi-fi connectivity on the smartphones comes as a standard for all Pitagora 4.0 systems, at no extra costs. To enable connectivity and benefit from the advantage of real-time monitoring of the lift, two solutions are available:

Local connection

The local connection carry out on the installation place of the pitagora system, via Wi-Fi HotSpot located in the TOC board and in the Playpad 4.0. Before connecting locally to the TOC and Playpad 4.0 devices via the Fusion app (described below), it is necessary to check that the Wi-Fi signal is enabled on these 2 devices.

A) – Wi-Fi hotspot must be enabled.
B) – The auto-off time of the Wi-Fi signal on the device must be sufficient for local operations. The auto-off time can be selected for a period of inactivity of: 10min, 30min, 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h, 24h, never).

Remote connection

The remote connection allows you to access the devices connected via Telemaco II 4G modem.
Telemaco II 4G is supplied without a SIM; the choice of the SIM is at discretion of the customer.

Telemaco II 4G modem installation instructions.

Device management via the Fusion app

Fusion is the application (IOS / Android) created by DMG for the direct management of compatible installed devices. The steps for accessing device management are the same whether connecting locally or by remotely, with the exception of point 4.

After downloading it, start the FUSION app and log in when the smartphone is still connected to the internet.

Select the device to manage.

Wait a moment for the items in the list to be synchronized.

!!! LOCAL connection only !!!

In the network settings of the smartphone, search and select the Wi-Fi network of the device to connect to (Playpad / TOC):
– DMG_TOC_xxx > TOC

The login credentials are provided by DMG together with the documentation supplied with the product.

Choose 1 of the 3 options:

Local connection: To access locally the Wi-Fi devices Playpad 4.0 and TOC box.

Remote connection: To remote access via Telemaco II 4.0 modem. The devices assigned to the operator are divided by building; it can also be accessed via the map.

EventPlayer: Here are notifications of any reported errors. Short videos show the 30 secondsbefore the occurrence of the error.

Updated on 20 Settembre 2022
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