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Intercom system for firefighters lift

(v 1.4)

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Safety and usage cautions

Before installing our products, we recommend you to consult the section about safety and usage cautions at the link below.

General layout

A) – Machine room
A1) – intercom “CAF000VP” (see below the dip switch settings)

B) – Floors
B1) – Intercom “CAF000VP”, Required only for D.M. 15/09/2005 (see below the dip switch settings)

C) – Floor firefighters
C1) – Intercom “CAFMSTVP”

D) – Car
D1) – Intercom “CAFCABVP”

Wiring instructions

A) – Machine room
B) – Floors
C) – Floor firefighters
C2) – Closed contact during firefighters manoeuvre
D) – Car

Dip switch functions

CAF000VP intercom device only (A1 / B1)

Volume adjustment

Devices position

E) – Last intercom device of the line.
F) – All other devices.

Keys (Car and floor)


1.4 (current version)Download PDF
Updated on 2 Novembre 2021
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