Modem Telemaco 4G

(v 1.3)

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The DMG solution to connect the controllers PITAGORA and the Matisse displays to the Internet.

Safety and usage cautions

Before installing our products, we recommend you to consult the section about safety and usage cautions at the link below


Inserting the SIM card

SIM card – 10 Gb / month min. (not supplied by DMG).
The SIM card must be inserted with the modem switched off.
If the modem is already connected (and switched on) inside the controller, it must be switched off.

Connecting the antennas

A) – Antenna with 3m cable. Place the two antennas outside the controller in a favorable position for greater signal reception. An optional extension cable (B) is available (5 m).

The maximum length of the antenna cables must not exceed 15m.


Used with the controller Pitagora 4.0 (Kit. Q40.GPRS_4G)

C) – Transformer 24V > 12V
Used with the controller Playboard V3 (Kit. QP3.GPRS_4G)

C) – Transformer 24V > 12V
C) – Rectifier bridge
Used with the controller CRONOS and with the MUSA electronic control board (Kit. QP3.GPRS_4G)

C) – Transformer 24V > 12V
C) – Rectifier bridge
How to connect a Matisse display

A) – Machine Room
B) – Shaft
C) – Top of cabin
D) – Matisse position indicator in the elevator car


1) POWERLed ONDevice is powered.
2) LTE/3GRed Led
Orange Led
Green led
Poor signal level.
Sufficient signal level.
Good signal level.
3) OnlineRed Led
Green Led
Online over WAN Ethernet interface.
Online over 2G/3G/4G LTE interface.
Device is Off-Line.
Led ON
Led blinking
Ethernet WAN port is disconnected.
Ethernet WAN port is connected to a Gateway.
Data are transmitted or received on Ethernet WAN port.
5) LAN3/2/1Led ON
Led blinking
Ethernet port is connected to a LAN network device.
Data are transmitted or received on Ethernet port.
6) VoiceLed OFF
Led ON
Led blinking
Voice port not active.
Telephone not in use.
Telephone in use (Voice in progress call or incoming call).
7) WLANNot used
Led ON
FUSION app is disconnected.
The elevator system can be managed remotely via the DMG FUSION app.


Before proceeding with the modem configuration it is important to get in advance a DMG FUSION account.
Otherwise proceed with the account creation at the following link.

Wait at least 2 minutes after turning on the modem before you can interact with the PlayPad menu.

To start from the menu initial screen, it may be necessary to press (or hold down) ESC several times.

A) – Language used for sending communications.
B) – Not used.
C) – APN Server address (Access Point Network). This parameter identifies your mobile operator. The APN must be requested from the SIM card provider or searched online.
D) – The APN authentication mode (default = NO) is an indication of the telephone operator. If necessary, indicate the type of authentication (CHAP / PAP) and then also the user name and password.
E) – It must not be entered; the request for the PIN code of the SIM card must be deactivated in advance using another device.
F) – Password to protect the Telemaco modem settings menu. It is not mandatory.


Operating power12V DC (1A max)
Mobile network type (Wireless Wan over mobile 4G/3G/2G network)4G/LTE-FDD, bands 1/3/7/8/20 max Power 23 dBm
4G/LTE-TDD, bands 38/40 max Power 23 dBm
HSPA+/UMTS/WCDMA, bands 1/8 max Power 24 dBm
GSM, band 3/8 max Power 33 dBm
Speeds: 4G/LTE Download 150Mbps / Upload 50Mbps,
HSPA+/UMTS/WCDMA Download 21.6Mbps / Upload 5.76Mbps
• 3 LAN RJ45 ports, 10/100Mbps, Auto MDI-X
• 1 WAN RJ45 port, 10/100Mbps, Auto MDI-X
• 1 FXS port
• 1 RS232 port
• FXS Voice Interface
• 1 SIM card slot
• Manual and automatic 4G/3G/2G connection


1.3 (current version)Download PDF (English)

Technical manual (Eng / Ita)
Updated on 12 Gennaio 2023

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