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Autonomous Positioning System

(v 1.9)

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The Autonomous Positioning System for the DMG displays of the Raffaello, Giotto and Matisse series, allows to show the lift position and direction independently from controller. The interface uses the sensors signals installed on the top of elevator car.
If available, it is possible to use the same position sensors used by controller.
If NOT availale, you have to install:
a) – 1 magnetic sensor (Normally Open) on the cabin + 1 magnet at every floors for counting position.
b) – 1 magnetic sensor (Normally Open / Closed) on the cabin + 1 magnet at main floor for the RESET.

In this interface there is a CAN BUS serial line for piloting the position indicators of floor.
For all other functions (Voice Synthesizer, gong, indicators, etc.) please refer to the display user manual.

Safety and usage cautions

Before installing our products, we recommend you to consult the section about safety and usage cautions at the link below.

Wiring Instructions

Connection with single door zone signal

The elevator car position changes every time the sensor passes in front of the magnets.
Where available, the door zone sensor already present in the installation can be used.

Connection with double door zone signal

The elevator car position changes when the sensors pass in front of the magnets when they are simultaneously activated.
Valid only in the case of magnetic sensors already installed on the system.

RESET circuit connection

The interface needs a RESET for the initial restoring and for eventual restoring due to a system shutdown.

RESET with magnetic sensor (NO or NC)

Where available, the reset sensor already present in the installation can be used.
The resets occurs every time the elevator car reaches the main / lowest floor.

RESET with main floor button light (full collective controllers only)

The reset occurs every time the main / lowest floor call is served when the button lamp goes off.

a) – Lamp output from controller

b) – Main floor button light

Interface connection with position indicators of floor

a) – Position Indicators of floor (CAN interface only)

For systems with a long shaft, the use of a shielded cable is recommended.

Activate the CAN line termination on the last position indicator of floor.


Reset setting

1) – Normally Open Contact (See “Wirings > Reset with magnetic sensor“)

2) – Normally Closed Contact (See “Wirings > Reset with magnetic sensor“)

3) – Main Floor Button (See “Wirings > Reset with main floor button light“)

Door zone type setting

1) – Single Input (See “Wirings > Connection with single door zone signal“)

2) – Double Input (See “Wirings > Connection with double door zone signal“)

Arrow velocity threshold setting

It is possible to change the arrow movement speed to avoid false views.


Power Supply12/24V dc
Number of manageable stops-9 / 99
Max system speedUp to 2 m/s with 15cm magnet for counting floors
From 2 m/s to 5 m/s with 30cm magnet for counting floors
Power supply position/reset input12/24V dc Opto-insulated
Serial line for landing pos. indicatorsCAN BUS 10 kbps DMG protocol
Operating temperature-10°C ÷ +50°C


1 Magnetic sensor kit
8 Magnets for counting kit (15cm)
24V Power supply


1.9Download PDF
Reset with magnetic sensor (revision)2.0 (current version) Download PDF
Updated on 25 Novembre 2021

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